Sunday, August 26, 2007

First pair of Monkey Socks

This is the first pair finished. I'm knitting another pair with the yarn I got from the Socks that Rock club. I frogged the Solstice Slip sock to knit another pair of Monkey socks.

Pattern: Monkey
Source: by Cookie A
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill, Foxy Lady
Made for: Me!
Needle Size: Cuff Size 2, Foot Size 1
Date Started: May 2007
Date Completed: August 2007


bobbi said...

don't you just love knitting monkey socks?
i still have not knit any of my STR patterns, or used any of the yarn. i'm thinking maybe i'll join the knitters that don't knit the patterns and just use the yarn for monkeys.

All of my Projects said...

Nothing wrong with that! I can't believe how quickly they knit up.